Learning a New Language on a Budget

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Are you a fan of traveling, meeting new people, experiencing new cultures, tasting fresh food? If so, you will agree with me that learning the native language of where you intend to travel is one of your necessities. It makes your travel fun as you can easily interact with the natives and get insight on where to eat food or experience the best scenery. You will also agree with me that learning all these languages every time you want to travel is expensive if you have to pay for a tutor. This does not have to be the case. There are other effective and free or cheaper ways to learn a new language.

If you are interested in learning a new language on a budget, below are different ways you can go about it.

Get Books from a Library 

This is the age-old way of learning a new language. From your local library, look for books on the language you are interested in. Reading books may not be very effective as they do not focus on pronunciation, but at least they teach something.

To learn a new language more effectively use a CD. Videos loaded on these CDs are interactive and teach both spelling and pronunciation.

Make Use of the Internet

Learning a new language has been made easy by the internet; it avails plenty of free language courses. There are free websites, apps, and social media forums with information on the language you want to learn. However, a majority of free websites will only focus on teaching a single language. Which is okay as there are dozens of them. In addition to websites, the internet also avails literary materials such as books and blogs that focus on teaching the new language.

Online pen pals who are natives in your language of interest can be easily found on the internet. Exchanging letters and messages with them can help a great deal in learning a new language.

Language Exchange

Learning a new language can take place in an informal setting. You can arrange a language exchange meeting with a person who speaks the language you want to learn. This gives you the advantage of learning from a native speaker. As they teach, you can also offer to teach them your native language, and you both benefit from the equal measure. The main advantage of language exchange is that learning is similar to that provided by a tutor, but you get it for free.


Visiting countries where your language of interest is spoken will help perfect your skills. The key to learning a new language when traveling is involving yourself in it and communicating using your new language at every chance.

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