Tips on Viking Arm Tool Safety and Uses


Viking Arm Tools are a great, impressive, innovation as they easily perform difficult tasks in little or no time. In as much as they are effective and have a wide range of uses, safety measures should be taken while using them. Oryx viking Arm handheld jack  should be your number one priority when obtaining the tool.

Uses of Viking Arm Tool

Day to day DIYs

Viking Arm Tools are hand-operated. They are easy to use and do not require a lot of hands to operate. Viking Arm Tool safety and uses are such that anyone who can afford them, finds them useful in one way or another. They are easily lockable in place. They can also be used for both domestic and commercial purposes.


Viking Arm Tools are used in the installation of doors, windows, cabinets, and kitchen appliances. They are used to, for example, lift a door, press items together, and tighten objects during installation. They can lift to 150 kg comfortably.

They install by clamping, lifting, screwing, and balancing items to desired positions.

Flooring and construction

Viking arm tool safety and uses can be in the flooring and construction of porches, foundations, and decks. Viking Arm Tools easily fit into small gaps and help lift working areas that would otherwise not be possible to lift with bare hands, or even using jacks.

Safety measures to consider when using Viking Arm Tool

Proper maintenance of the tool

Viking Arm Tools should be cleaned after use as dirt can cause damage over time. To clean it, the shaft is simply wiped over and the moving parts lubricated. No detergent is used to wipe the shafts.

Number of people working around the tool

Viking Arm Tools can be used to hold in place lifted work areas. Viking arm tool safety and uses having a lot of people working around this particular tool, as this may cause it to slip, letting go of the work area, destroying the progress, and possibly hurting someone. Having fewer people around is therefore advised.

The tool should also be stored in a cool dry place, safe from moisture and dust,  when not in use.

In conclusion, observing all safety measures while using Viking Arm Tools ensures that the tool is utilized to its fullest. It saves on time and money as well as increases productivity.